I met up with Joe Lycett at the Wilmington Arms near King’s Cross, before the gig he was hosting there for Bright Club, “Where comedy and brains collide…”. Although I came to talk about the Graphic design side of his life, I can’t help my curiosity about his rise in comedy and how it all started.

As a former drama student, Joe says he feels incredibly fortunate and lucky that he’s now making a career out of comedy. Just three years after his debut gig at the Comedy Store in Manchester in February 2008, Joe, 22, has already won several awards and is described as one of the best newcomers in the comedy scene. As for the design side, he’s working as a freelance, doing a bit of everything.

He tells me he has always been interested in both comedy and graphic design, but that ending up working on both areas was quite accidental. He loves both equally, but explains that while comedy gives him a sort of immediate pleasure, he gets more of a long term pleasure out of design by experimenting and seeing his work in print. Either ways, it’s great to see that the rising stand-up star is doing so well on both sides. See it for yourself in the audio slideshow below!


About Madalena Araujo

Journalism Graduate from Portugal currently studying at the London School of Economics. Interested in international affairs and life in general.
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